Chain collaboration

Chain collaboration means: a common goal, mutual agreement, trust, and not to forget: data integration (EDI) to truly achieve a win-win model. FashionUnited eBusiness is happy to assist you in establishing effective chain collaboration and helping you take the next step.

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Without connectivity, effective chain collaboration is not possible. The FashionUnited eBusiness team can provide you, as a retailer or brand owner, with services, tools (dedicated and in-the-cloud), and advice to establish connectivity in various (EDI) formats and communication methods. The goal is to enable you to collaborate with your partners on a win-win basis.

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More than 400 partners have joined FashionUnited eBusiness. For connectivity, a minimum of two business partners willing to collaborate is required. FUeB actively collaborates with organizations and software houses that prioritize supply chain collaboration and EDI, using its connectivity tools (eBiss/eGate and MessagingCentre).

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We offer the help that is needed at that moment for every customer and partner. We look for the best help for you.


We are experts in the field of EDI for the fashion industry, helping companies take their next steps.


We provide EDI solutions for every fashion company and at every level.


        FashionUnited eBusiness provides EDI services to clients in the Netherlands and beyond.

Want to know more about EDI at FashionUnited eBusiness?


What is EDI?

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a standardized electronic communication system for efficiently and accurately exchanging business documents, such as orders, invoices, and shipping messages, among different trading partners.

EDI by FashionUnited eBusiness

We specialize in supporting the fashion industry in implementing EDI solutions. We offer a comprehensive range of services that can significantly enhance the efficiency of your business processes. 


1000+ companies connecting with FashionUnited eBusiness

 FUeB serves clients in the Netherlands and beyond. More than a thousand companies utilize the services of FUeB, including brand suppliers, retailers, department stores, importers, franchises, retail service organizations, fashion portals, logistic service providers, and many more.

Optimize your workflow and accelerate your success with our order management solutions! 

Market leader in the Northern European fashion market
For supplier and retailer
Also for companies that already have an EDI connection
 EDI solutions at every level.


Basic solution for retailer and supplier
  • Supplier complexity: simple
  • Server situation: cloud
  • CE connection: FTPS
  • Pranke messaging: gateway


Comprehensive EDI solution
  • Supplier complexity: flexible
  • Server situation: cloud
  • CE connection: FTPS
  • Pranke messaging: eGate


EDI solution with full flexibility
  • Supplier complexity: maximum flexibility
  • Server situation: own server
  • CE connection: FTPS
  • Pranke messaging: eGate

Tailor-made to help your business grow.