Need a solution for the smooth operation of various processes in the fashion market? 
These processes require different partners, and FashionUnited eBusiness works closely with various partners. 
Through the partner network of FashionUnited eBusiness, EDI solutions run effortlessly. 
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Market leader in the Northern European market.

For chain collaboration, a minimum of two business partners is required who are willing to collaborate. Through this collaboration, processes such as exchanging orders, sending invoices, and more will happen automatically, taking a piece of work off your hands for you and your customers. This ensures a smooth collaboration between different parties.

Each of these business partners generally has one or more technical partners (ERP system, cash register system, POS, LSP). To effectively establish connectivity and chain cooperation, detailed coordination among all involved parties is an absolute requirement. The same applies to your company. With our expertise, we assess what a partner needs and combine our information to ensure smooth processes.

FashionUnited eBusiness is a market leader in the Northern European fashion market with the combination of its solutions (eBiss/eGate and Connectivity Engine) and is eager to collaborate intensively with anyone who values chain collaboration and EDI. Would you like to join our partner network? Easily get in touch with us.


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Different partners
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Greenway Logistics

Greenway Logistics supports fashion, sports, textile, and lifestyle companies worldwide in the field of logistics with the aim of saving costs, innovating, and making the global fashion, sports, and lifestyle industry more sustainable in terms of CO₂ emissions through logistics. 


INretail is the industry organization for entrepreneurs. Together with around 5,200 members, they contribute to attractive retail throughout the Netherlands and are there for everyone who has a (web) store in non-food retail. INretail is the initiator of various platforms and collaborations such as Work in the Store, The New Shopping Street, and Retail Insiders.


MODINT is the Dutch industry organization for fashion, interior design, carpets, and textiles. They strengthen the competitiveness of their members and the sectors they represent through a wide range of services, with a focus on content and quality.

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Efficiency in order processing: by automating order processing, partners and customers can handle orders more quickly and accurately, resulting in more efficient operations.

Fewer errors: manual data entry can lead to errors. With EDI, data is transferred directly from one system to another, minimizing the chance of human erro

Fewer errors: manual data entry can lead to errors. With EDI, data is transferred directly from one system to another, minimizing the chance of human erro

   Better insights and reporting: EDI systems can also analyze data and generate reports, providing partners and customers with insights into their business performance and identifying potential areas for improvement.

Possibility for growth and expansion: with the operational efficiency that EDI provides, partners and customers can expand their business operations without necessarily experiencing a proportional increase in administrative burdens.

Improved Communication: EDI enables partners to facilitate real-time data exchange, leading to better collaboration and communication across different links in the supply chain.

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