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Get to know our team and our passion. Discover our commitment to innovation, our passion for the fashion industry, and how we strive for sustainable and efficient solutions that can take your business to new heights. Read all about how we started and the steps taken to prepare our company and our clients for the future.

FashionUnited eBusiness: where innovation and fashion come together

At FashionUnited eBusiness, we believe in the power of technology to transform the fashion industry. With a dedicated team of experts in e-commerce, digital marketing, and supply chain management, we are committed to shaping the future of fashion trade.

Our mission is clear: we aim to provide fashion companies with the most advanced tools and strategies to enhance their online presence and optimize order processes. We understand the unique challenges facing the fashion industry and take pride in offering tailor-made solutions that meet the specific needs of each brand.

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In 2003, Retail Connect was founded. This marked the beginning of a journey towards new insights in retail.


In 2005, Fashion World merged to Fashion Connect. With this merger, even more knowledge was unlocked about the fashion industry, enabling progress and advancements in the fashion sector.


In 2007, it was time for the next step, and there was an acquisition of ShowPlaza. With this, the company expanded, and we were gradually working on the visibility and growth of the business.


With the growth of the company, it was time for a strengthened collaboration in 2010. This collaboration took place with Indicia eBusiness, enabling us to exchange data seamlessly and better assist our customers.


After taking various steps and building a larger network, a merger took place in 2016. In 2016, FashionUnited eBusiness was established.


Moving to the new office. Beginning of new developments and growth within and around the company. 

Our team

Olaf Laarhoven

Olaf is the founder of FashionUnited eBusiness. He is the driving force behind the company, investing all his passion in FashionUnited eBusiness. With his team supporting him, Olaf constantly strives to take forward-thinking steps to broaden the EDI world with new and innovative knowledge. With his years of experience, Olaf enriches everyone with his expertise in EDI and the fashion industry.

Nicole Laarhoven

Nicole, in addition to being the founder of The Hockey Centre, is increasingly involved in providing input to FashionUnited eBusiness. Nicole now focuses more on the marketing and communication aspects of the company. She also assists Olaf with various management tasks and supports him in overseeing important matters in the business. With her passion for entrepreneurship, Nicole keeps everything under control.

Matthieu Laarhoven

Matthieu has been actively involved in the finances of FashionUnited eBusiness for eight years. His financial expertise plays a crucial role in managing the profession. His main interests in finance stem from being able to oversee and structure affairs. Additionally, he is involved in HR and serves as an overarching link to connect loose ends. He handles various personnel matters and ensures structure within the company.

Sofia Verga

Sofia ensures the right connections between the FashionUnited eBusiness team and the customers who have joined our network. With her keen eye for developments in clients, projects, and internally, she responds directly at the right moments. As one of the project managers at FashionUnited eBusiness, Sofia is driven to be there for the customer and to handle projects in the right way.

Duane Munnik

Duane has been associated with FashionUnited eBusiness for 5 years. He has witnessed the various successes of the company up close. As an ERP specialist, he is constantly working on optimizing the systems. In addition, Duane is innovative and consistently contributes to taking management to a new level. He enjoys collaborating with the team and clients. Within the team, he shares his knowledge with everyone.

Mariska Schepers

Mariska Schepers has been working as a project manager EDI/consultant since 2018. Her duties are diverse, ranging from managing various projects, developing the organization, providing support, and sharing responsibility for improvement projects with clients. She gained her initial EDI experience at FashionUnited eBusiness from 2008 to 2011 and eventually returned to her roots. 

Martijn Oostwal

Martijn strengthens the team with his EDI knowledge acquired over the past years. While he is currently focused on implementing EDI systems correctly, he has also spent many years on the other side of the business, working in companies that needed EDI systems. With his diverse knowledge of EDI, he understands the customer precisely and delves into the problem that needs to be solved.

Femke Ydema

Femke ensures the smooth execution of various projects and supports Sofia in this endeavor. She maintains composure in stressful situations and applies her newfound knowledge of EDI in the company. At FashionUnited eBusiness, she is eager to learn and strives to keep up with and apply new developments. As a junior project manager, Femke enjoys being in contact with the customer and acts as a liaison between both parties. 

Uchenna Jong Loy

Uchenna has graduated with a degree in Supply Chain Management and applies all her knowledge in her work at FashionUnited eBusiness. As an enthusiastic employee, she is very open to learning more about EDI. As an EDI consultant, she can answer all your questions, ensuring that processes in different companies run smoothly. She enjoys thinking in solutions and radiates this attitude.

Merle Verhagen

Merle is responsible for the online content and website visibility of FashionUnited eBusiness. She is heavily involved in the marketing efforts of the company. Starting with a passion for photography and videography, Merle now channels that into creating the right content for the company. She considers the overall image of FashionUnited eBusiness, the target audience, and current trends to introduce everyone to our company.

Marianne Ochsendorf

Marianne always brings her positive energy to the office and is involved in various administrative tasks at FashionUnited eBusiness. She ensures that everyone in the office can access the necessary information correctly and contributes to the smooth flow of various ongoing projects. Additionally, Marianne brings new and innovative insights to the company. She always helps out when certain things catch her attention.

Iris van Gelderen

Iris is still actively engaged in her Finance & Control studies. Throughout her academic journey, she acquires knowledge about resolving financial issues accurately. At FashionUnited eBusiness, she assists Matthieu in managing finances. The combination of her studies and work with us enhances her fresh perspective on implementing new methods for financial matters.

Marc Wolf

Tim Nguyen

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With a deep understanding of the latest trends and technologies, we maintain strong relationships with leading brands, retailers, and suppliers in the fashion industry. These collaborations enable us to continuously innovate and provide the most effective solutions for our clients.

At FashionUnited eBusiness, it's not just about providing services; it's about creating partnerships and building a sustainable future for the fashion industry. Together, we can push boundaries and reach new heights in the world of e-commerce and digital transformation.

Welcome to FashionUnited eBusiness - where we shape the future of fashion, one click at a time.