Breaking news: In Belgium, all fashion stores will close for at least 6 weeks!

Breaking news: in Belgium, all fashion stores must also close from tomorrow for at least 6 weeks, certainly until mid-December 2020.

Non-essential stores must close their doors, as announced by the Consultation Committee. However, stores are allowed to set up a collect & go service, where customers can pick up orders. The measures are in effect for a minimum of 4 weeks but can be extended and will take effect from Sunday night.

Due to the rise of the pandemic, strict measures are being implemented in Belgium to curb the spread of the virus. One of the most notable measures is the closure of non-essential stores. Stores such as supermarkets, food shops, and pharmacies will remain open, although it is currently unclear whether garden centers or bookstores fall under the category of 'non-essential stores.' Non-essential stores are allowed to set up a click & collect system, allowing customers to pick up orders on-site.

Read the full message here Gondola.be;

VMI through EDI is more important than ever, because it reduces lost sales and achieves more optimal availability.

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Written by: Merle Verhagen – FashionUnited Ebusiness  


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