Join FashionUnited eBusiness

To make use of the EDI systems we implement, it is essential to be connected to FashionUnited eBusiness. The following steps clarify how the connection works, and we highlight some benefits of having an EDI system with FashionUnited eBusiness.

Steps to take to connect


Investigate whether EDI is suitable for your company. Request information from us, and together, we will assess whether an EDI system can be implemented.

Choose a package

Choose the right subscription that suits your wishes and needs. We offer subscriptions for both retailers and suppliers. Easily view the subscriptions on our website.


If you've found a package that suits your company, join us easily. We customize your package together, taking into account your wishes and needs.


After you've joined us, you can establish connections with parties that are part of our network. Explore our network and establish connections through your EDI system.

Benefits of EDI at FUeB

Make a connection

If you are connected to FUeB, you can easily connect with various companies that are part of our network.

 Data exchange

We provide fast and efficient data exchanges. All the data you need for using EDI is fully taken care of by us.


At FUeB, customer service is a top priority. Assisting customers in the right way is a priority. You can always reach out to us easily, and we assist you whenever possible immediately.

Correct inventory management

By automating processes and reducing various manual errors, keeping track of accurate inventory becomes easier. Together with us, we ensure this runs smoothly.

Wondering which package aligns with your company's needs?

Explore our various subscriptions for retailers and suppliers, and collaborate with us to set up the EDI system according to your needs and preferences.